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This company offers all different kinds of insurance. But I specifically got appointed with them because they are the only company that is offering temporary insurance in the State of California. Here are a few things that this type of insurance can be used for.

1. If you are starting a new job and have a waiting period before your coverage starts. Don’t want to enroll in Cobra because it is so expensive, but would like to have something in case of an emergency.

2. You retire a few months or a year before you turn 65. Again do not want to pay the high Cobra rates, but want something in place in case of an emergency.

3. Missed Open enrollment and do not have a qualifying event. You can get temporary insurance to keep you from high medical bills in case of unexpected illness or accident.

Please call us if you have any questions or for help choosing an IHC plan.

You can reach me at 925-552-7077 Office or 925-785-1161 Mobile.

Or email me at info@bernalinsurance.com.